Bighorn Loan Calculator

Bighorn Loan Calculator is a financial calculator for iOS that can easily calculate payments for almost any loan. In addition to payments, you can calculate loan amounts, payment terms, or interest rates. Just enter any three of the four values and the missing value can be calculated.

Bighorn Loan Calculator allows you to quickly change any variable (Loan Amount, Payment Term, Interest Rate or Payment) and see the the effect on any other variable. Data is color coded to highlight changes and other information.

Create amortization schedules

The amortization schedule can then be emailed as a PDF to yourself, clients or associates as needed. Emails can be customized prior to sending, allowing you to add comments or other notes specific to your customer or client.

Create and save Multiple Loans

Loan details can be saved on the device and to your iCloud storage, allowing you to work with multiple loans on multiple devices.

Bighorn Loan Screen
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